10 Easy Steps to start ecommerce online store in India


How easy and viable it is to start an ecommerce site in India

If you see the there are many new e-commerce ventures since past 5 years. The recent years have been the years of E-commerce in India. These were the years when Indians are bombarded with lot of discounts on E-commerce portals.

Many employees quit their job and started new ventures in Ecommerce. I personally think it very much competitive landscape for ant ecommerce start up and success of a business no longer depends on an idea but rather on how you execute it.

So There to Answer your question on starting up ecommerce in India, you need to consider some of the factors

  • Business Plan and Capital (I must say You need to invest fair amount time and energy on this)
  • Name of your Store and How you will do Branding
  • You have to plan your resources
  • The Platform which suits you or for your products and service which is scalable with agile approach. ( You can check out Best Ecommerce Platform in India | Custom Ecommerce Software for Your Needs | Shopify)
  • UI and UX ( Designing Proper User Interface with keep in mind User experience give you excellent results)
  • Content Strategy and Plan (Many Ecommerce miss out giving importace to content in terms of Text, Images and video based on their Target Customers)
  • Marketing Plan (Social Media / SEO / SEM) based on your Target Audience or Customer Persona
  • Logistic Partner
  • Payment Gateway
  • Lastly Taxation part / Legal Part (Never Miss out this specially policies are keep on changing in India)
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