3 tips for Conversion Rate Optimization

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3 tips for Conversion

The ultimate goal of any Ecommerce site is to get traffic to their website and get conversion. This is only possible with the optimization of the conversion rates. One may wonder, what are some magical tricks to get their measuring performance right? Is enough sales, good to give best ROI? Or is it some newly fed strategies in the system? Optimization of Conversion rates depends on different factors that gel into one to give results for the business. Let us study three effective tips that help for optimizing conversion rate:

  1. Usability of the Site
  2. More sales mean a good happy customer! And a happy customer is the one that is fully satisfied with the product or service. He will only be satisfactory and know about the product once he buys it but how does one buy before liking or having a look on your site. For that, you require a good website layout and ease to use by the shoppers. Simple browsing and easy checkout process helps buyers to make faster buying decisions. One has to ensure that the users are able to make proper searches online. A Site usability and conversion can be improved by the following:

    Site Navigation – Product categorization is an important through which the user can easily navigate and search the products they might be looking for. Other elements like contact page, FAQ page, checkout buttons, Search Bar should be easily available for call-to-action.

    Search bar – Search bar should be properly placed with improved features, playing it at prominent place for user engagement.

    CTA Button – The Ultimate goal of the website is to show product pages to people so that they start buying. Make sure to place Call-To-Action button is placed for clear visibility.

    Checkout Process – Checkout process should be made simple so that people are able to easily sign in and complete their purchase cycle.

  3. Social Influence to build Trust
  4. Trust is undoubtedly an important factor for any business activity. It is the reason why buyers buy products from the brands. Social influence plays an important role to create brand awareness. Users generally go by the reviews given by other people hence good customer experience play an important role to get loyalty from customers. A BrightLocal study reveals that 84 percent consumers consider online reviews before making a buying decision and they trust the product. 90 percent users said that they buy after reading 10 reviews. Positive reviews have led 54 percent users come to the website.

    Reviews by happy customers build trusted relationships with your buyers and also encourage them to give positive replies to other users. Brands should encourage buyers to give reviews for the product they purchase online. A review should give information like usefulness of the product and mention what are the basic benefits of buying the product.

    Many brands give shoppers a good experience of shopping online by giving positive reviews and also mentioning the critical points of buying the products. This helps buyers to know minus points about the product, it also encourages users to trust the brand and hence transparency. Customers not only trust the brand more but also buy the product due to clear-cut mention of positives as well as negatives.

  5. Shopper’s Experience
  6. A good shopping experience or rather we should frame it as “website experience” is the key to win customers heart. A good and easy site layout helps customers to find products they are searching for. Sometimes, users are so frustrated searching for their products from one page to the other and another one that they leave your site and log in on your competitors. A buyer should be able to search their products at ease without having much trouble in browsing different pages.

    It is the responsibility of brands to provide as much information as possible to the users of the site. It will help buyers make an informed decision whether they should be buying your product or not. Buyers love when the brand is open about pricing and not hidden costs are involved. They also love when they are offered good comparison prices and the sales support is still better because they feel important. In the case of online buying, Live Chats are the best tools where they can talk to the brand representative and query their doubts. Customer Support have their own limitations after all its not present at that time of purchase.

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