4 W’s of Personalized Content Marketing

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Personalization is the key to creating great content. For personalized content, it is highly important to understand your audience and then creatively refining the content that suits their requirements.

Let’s understand the 4 Ws of Personalized Content Marketing. Implementing this 4 Ws of Personalized Content world will surely help you enhance your customer relationships:

  1. WHO they are – before you finalize with your personalized content, you must identify WHO your customers are. Try to put in, as many personal details as possible beyond the usual age, sex, name, income, city, etc. Knowing the customer’s buying history will help you get more conversions.
  2. WHAT to deliver – after identifying your customers, you will get an insight on detailed information on WHAT contents to deliver. Customers always get delighted when they easily get the information, they are hunting for.
  3. WHERE to go for it – After discovering the Who and What of Personalization, as a marketer, you should know where you want to personalize it. Personalization can start right from your email, online ads, some personal features on mobile apps, etc.
  4. WHEN to market – the distribution of your personalized content is one of the most important factors that gives a campaign success. High relevant content is the need of an hour. Inbuilt your content with current market media news/trends that will help you get more response.


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