Beginners guide to SLATE – Shopify Theme Framework

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Shopify and its theme based framework has made lives so simple and easy. The newly launched Slate theme scaffold and command line tool is designed for assisting with theming workflow and speed up the process of developing, testing and deploying themes to Shopify stores. The framework helps to sync local files with the live shop; it can be placed in multiple environments.

What does SLATE Include?

  • Templates and Configuration – Slate comprises ready files, layouts and liquid templates for online functioning of the store. The style page template can be used in any existing page for your online store; the elements of this online store are common across all themes.
  • Sections – Sections helps to control the layout and appearance of the themes. The newly included dynamic sections in the slate help merchants to add and edit different elements.
  • Sass – Slate includes normalize.css file that helps for theme development. The template helps fix the bugs, improve the text rendering and also prevent zooming for mobile applications.
  • JavaScript – Slate includes a number of helper scripts that can help developer do the coding faster and quicker.
  • Translation Keys – Slate allows merchants to save the language they want to accommodate their customers. The .json file is added in the “Slate” that includes translation strings.

The Installation of Slate is pretty simple and straight forward process, you need to install the latest version of Node.js on your computer. Slate has root src directory, they are the source theme files that can be edited and compiled for the final theme in the dist directory. After running and engaging the new command, you can run Slate Deploy that will be followed by a full deploy on to the Shopify store. It will replace the existing files on the remote server.

The Slate provides tools and resources for theme developers to give a customized functionality.

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