Big 2017 Marketing Trends you need to follow

For businesses to prosper and thrive, it is highly important to follow latest marketing trends that are already present and running successfully. Very few businesses have the power and confidence to influence their own marketing trend that is then followed by other smaller enterprises. Marketing world is ever so changing that we often see updates just every month of the year. With changes that are so rapid and constant, it becomes difficult for marketers and retailers to stay up with the technology hence it is important to follow latest trends. Let us discuss some of the latest Marketing trends that are running hard and fast bringing success to businesses:

  1. Audience Engagement through Live video streaming
  2. Videos are getting way too popular with the increasing use of social platforms; this has sparked a new generation of millennials who are very keen on technology. Videos are being shared and hence brand awareness is increasing. Nothing seems to be more profound and empowering than someone sharing their own video-graphic experience.

    Periscope and Meerkat are two brands who cultivated the live video streaming concept in the industry. Video sharing is happening on all major social platforms today, they are also equally game focused with platforms like Twitch and Beam catering to increasing growing verticals spanning over 2.2 billion gaming enthusiast all around the world.

    Today, the brands are getting really creative by letting the audiences ask questions and take direction where streaming takes it. This ensures a deeper connection followed by engagement from audiences; the viewer is open to watch videos anytime later. The below example shows views from Super Deluxe, an entertainment company having over 2.9 million views that features “destroying fidget spinners in real time”.

    Audience Engagement through

  3. Micro Influencer market
  4. The social networking platforms have led brands and people to have their own loyal followings, the privilege that only celebrities owned earlier. Micro influencers are here with over 100k or less followers but still gaining a rich share of popularity. Their charge is usually less as compared to big influencers where they charge from $3000 to $100,000 for a campaign.

    Ideally, Micro influencers have more loyal followers and they can get large audiences engaged as compared to bigger influencers in the market.


    Source: Whaler

  5. Momentary content
  6. The power of social media lies in the readiness and the comfort that it provides to its users. Snapchat gave us the first story-like element with self-destructive content in a time-span of 24 hours. It didn’t initially kick off, but with huge popularity, it has got universally popular and people love the idea. People can post anything they like without the fear of having any permanent content online.

    On similar lines, Facebook bought Stories and applied same to its Instagram platform. Instagram is hugely popular having 200 million active users according to the data taken in April 2017. Instagram lets you discover stories in the “Explore Tab” that lets you increase the brand’s reach. While SnapChat rolled out SnapMaps that lets you check stories across globe. Instagram allows clickable links in its stories where the traffic can directly be driven to your website.


  7. Messaging Apps are getting popular
  8. As more and more consumers are getting hooked to social media, they are spending much time online, chatting on messengers. Brands are in a very primitive stage of using Facebook messenger as a one-point contact for customers where consumers can directly interact with the brand.

    Facebook Messenger is a better communication mode that is authentic and it works really fast as compared to traditional email communication. Shopify store allows one to enable Messenger Channel where customers are automatically notified about the status of their orders and ask any related questions if required.


    The present marketing trends have not popped up in a day or so; they have evolved over years through trial and tested methods. They are so popular and highly reliable that companies of all sizes can make use of this growing technology which at most times are not only free but user-friendly for users as well as the brands.

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