Building A Content Marketing Strategy – The starting point of your customer outreach campaign

Did you hear about the quintessential alpha-male, who while dressing-up for his big-day, chose to wear a pair of flip-flops along with a nice tuxedo, while sporting a Robert Downey style beard? We guess, you haven’t, ‘coz even we haven’t. Truth is he doesn’t exist. Practically, no educated guy can be so naïve. When you are at the helm of a big turning point of your life, you are supposed to act sloppy, and take chances. Everything has to be near-perfect.

Same holds good for the content strategy for your organization, if you are dealing with something as technical and competitive as e-commerce business. Teams, investors, techies, and vendors are going the all the extra mile to go for a kill, to get the client’s much needed attention. In such situation, if you have a ground-breaking product/service priced at-par, then you cannot take chances with the content strategy. It shouldn’t be left within the hands of inexperienced unfocussed non-professionals.

Putting up a content strategy from scratch is just like raising a child. And, we all know parenting is a serious business. So, let’s get to business and discuss how to chalk-out a minimalistic content strategy to get you started.

The content you create is going to stand out when you go beyond simple keywords searches and instead investigate what your customers actually want and what your audience is looking for. It is much more exciting to find out what they aren’t looking for! You can find out by doing surveys to get even more personal.

Your content should tick off a long list of boxes such as:

  • Good content formatting
  • Clean and good layout
  • High audio/visual quality
  • Easy to read on multiple devices

Remember, from the effort perspective, an evergreen content is incredible. But a timeline based content works best, since it stays relevant and useful for a short duration has leaves the reader hungry for more. In the end, it should address your customer’s need.

Second step would be to analyse you audience’s needs, find out what they want and create content that fulfils every bit of this requirement. Lastly, promote your content in every way possible – in the media you own, the media you have earned, and the media you pay for.

In the end, I will leave you with some industry-level statistics about success stories related to effective content marketing strategies implemented by some very successful start-up and stalwarts as well.

  • An effective applied content marketing strategy can increase the leads generated, by upto 300% as compared to traditional marketing.
  • The overall go-to-market cost of content marketing strategy is 60% less than traditional channel.
  • 4 out of 5 consumers built a positive opinion about the company after reading custom content.
  • 7 out 10 consumers prefer to research about a product or service through articles than advertisements, before they made a decision.

So, that’s the beauty of an effective placed and applied content marketing strategy. It enhances every aspect of your brand and not just pushing the bottom line. Through it your product and services speak directly to your customers. It is the same direct connection that appeals to them on a deeper level than traditional avenues. So, obviously, it would be about to harness this connection to best of advantage.

To sum it all, remember, if you’re not putting out relevant content in relevant places, you don’t exist.

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