Desktop-First Approach draws much attention to create Responsive websites

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The desktop-first approach helps to create a website having all major high-end features that focuses on the interface. Although, mobile-first design is new concept innovated keeping in mind that most people majorly use mobiles to check on the websites. Desktop-first approach has its own benefits like – checking the features all at once, larger design possibilities, beneficial for the users using desktops/laptops. Web-designers are constantly looking for options where they can provide optimum benefit of using mobile version while scaling down desktop-first versions.

Desktop First primary uses display method that could handle the browser support features for mobile versions. Using desktop first approach as a default strategy can be fruitful if there are more desktop uses over mobiles. Building a Desktop-first approach first will help you understand major features and work through wireframes. It will eventually give you an idea, how a smaller version will look like and what features can be curtailed in the mobile version.

When you are preparing desktop-first versions, it gives you limits. The limits define the website size, the grid type and other features that could be used. It’s an un-ending debate which approach is better because everyone has different workflow and patterns. So do best that feels right for you and your website.


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