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Who doesn’t like to get good customer responsiveness? I assume all the brands would definitely want their customers to be happy with the products and services that they are offering. But when does that stage appear? Its no rocket science, it’s simply using your analytical consumer data, putting it to right use by preparing for what your consumers are asking for. Therefore, most brands today stress more importance in providing relevant content that is the content that users are looking forward to. You can get that information by watching consumer behavior online by going through data collected.

A 2015 study by Aberdeen group states that just 4 percent of organizations are satisfied with the way they use data driven conversations with their customers. This is a big problem for marketers and it can get challenging. The percentage is simply low enough for this customer bound present generation culture. Data driven insights are the key elements that helps to boost consumer loyalty and satisfaction. If you do not know your consumers, there will simply be a disconnect that will eventually lead to low ROIs. It is highly important to use analytical data that helps to track every activity of consumers and discover their behavior online. It helps to form stronger strategies and craft content needs that are customized for every person. Given below are few of the strategies that will help to understand your customer better and fulfill their requirements:

  • A Cohesive customer journey

Customer buy from brands after connecting with them through some means, there are the channels that brands use for customers to reach out to them. Brands can track that information and study their behavior online, like what time do they generally log in, what are the favorite items they are looking for, what do they frequently buy, etc. online tools are powerful tools that helps to know your customers who they really are and what they are looking for.

  • Use Data Insights

After gathering the data about customers, their choices, knowing them it is time to put the information to right use. Customers are always craving for attention, the more relevancy they find in your content, the more they are attracted towards your brand and product. Make your customers valuable by helping them get straight the information they are truly looking for. Give them customer experience, they will never forget and you are on your way to build a good loyal relationship with your customer. The needs of the buyers keep changing especially if the brand is dealing with seasonal product or some products that are age bound, hence brands should be ready to welcome new customers often and accommodate their requests. Data assessment and consumer views are very important for the brands to stay in competition.

  • Is the plan working

It is highly important to keep your customers satisfied so that they are tucked to your brand on a continual basis. A happy customer would not look for any other brand if he were duly filled with satisfaction. However, it is highly important to give timely treatments to your customers and lead them to the way where you are taking. Conversions are a matter of business hence they should convert positively. Analytical data provides consumer information so that you can customize your interactions with them. Also, it is important to check how the plan is working and what are your customers’ experiences. Are they happy with new implementations or they liked previous product structure or changes they want, etc.

A competitive analysis is so powerful that can get, lost customers back in action, buying your stuff. Here is a sneak preview of the same, suppose a company have released a new version of their smart watches and they want to complete their targets. Hence the company runs campaigns targeted towards achieving a 10 percent increase. The campaign gets good response, the traffic is up and customers are also putting the smart watch in their shopping carts. Now here comes the real problem, there are no conversions although the carts analytics show they have placed watch in the cart. The marketing team springs into action only to discover that some segments of customers who bought watches online were not converting since there was a promo code error that system showed. They later identified, there was a typo mistake in the promo code distributed by Facebook. The team quickly makes the corrections and follows up personally with customers who face code denial. After the follow up the team sees the sales bounce back to normal and customers could easily use promo code without any discrepancies.

A planned implemented strategy helps to gain back success results; the only requirement is to take smart actions at the right time and use of the right channel.

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