E-commerce and Holiday Marketing: A world of opportunities

Holidays are just around the corner, and so is the perfect occasion to explore the uncapped market of enthusiastic buyer. It is the time when people spend candidly, if not lavishly or splurging. They want to express camaraderie, gratitude and interconnectedness with family, friends and dear ones.

As e-marketer, you can snap on to this opportunity. The only need is to engage with your customers on an emotional level and build trust and credibility. Marketing campaigns designed for holiday time should be built with a lot of strategy. The catch is to appeal to everyday emotions while being a total standout. Remember, your customers are already willing to spend; the only trick is to get them to spend it on you and not your competitors.

The volume of sales is high, in both aspects. The amount punched on your cash registered and the number of objects purchased. Most probably, an average buyer spends on assorted purchases. Remember, this is not a time when buyers purchase for themselves. Every items picked is personalized; at-times even customized.

If people are buying specifically, why can’t your marketing campaign but similar? In my opinion, a great holiday marketing campaign should come in as many different shapes and sizes as possible. They should be sharp, witty, and invigorating enough to evoke emotions. Your customers should feel connected.

If statistics were studied, Indian e-retailers such Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon made a business worth nearly 1.5 Bn rupees each during their recent ‘festival sales’. The only thing they did was spend smartly on the marketing campaign done on Print, Electronic and Social media, and that too just for a few days before the ‘sale days’.

Another statistic reveals that their ad appearances on these media platforms, increased by roughly 50% during the campaign duration compared to regular days. Each and every move of this ad campaign was built around the festive mood. Whether, it was the color-schemes, the verbiage, the analogies, the mascot’s caricature and everything else in the ad content. Starting early and smartly, really helped them avoiding a last minute rush later.

The #1 cause of chaos in preparing any campaign is when you get a late start. There’s nothing worse than trying to make a deadline under duress. It creates unnecessary stress and leads to mistakes that are easily avoidable.

My suggestion, begin early, atleast a quarter before you want to hit your customer’s mailboxes. Having an early headstart and mapping important dates on a calendar can go a long way in helping you prepare, allowing you to take full advantage of the increased consumer spending habits of the holiday season.

Also, plan your promotional campaign around the following four dimensions

  •  Feature your top sellers and offer gift suggestions
  •  Figure out your holiday shipping deadlines and plan to post them prominently
  •  Having landing pages for specific products and promotions
  •  Rethinking Black Friday and Cyber Monday

In a nutshell, the crux lies in here, “Since, it is the holiday season; there is already a huge push for a desire to appeal to everybody, but a really powerful campaign can help you turn around things by zeroing in on that one reluctant audience.”

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