Earned Media Strategies, You cannot afford to miss!

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As the name suggests, Earned Media is Earned and not paid for! It’s a Free Media marketing that you get from your brand followers. But before they become your brand followers, it’s highly important to attract them. They are basically the gatekeepers to your brand who help you get more audience and help in making the brand popular by the means of word-of-mouth, sharing, retweeting, etc.

Earned Media helps you to reach wider audiences. The audiences may not particularly know you but they are the people who may benefit from your content, product or services. Earned Media is not a paid media hence you will have to put some efforts since nothing is in your control.

How to generate Earned Media?

  1. Develop an Influencer marketing – Influencer Marketing is one of the deepest keys to get you earned media. It’s important to do your research well about the influencer before your approach them with your marketing pitch.
  2. Industry trade shows – this is one of the best opportunities to showcase your brand and get people talking about it.
  3. Fans Engagement – Engage the people in your campaigns who advocate your brand. Customer engagement is very important if you want to popularize your brand.

Earned media holds a significant place in any content marketing plan. You cannot expect to see results without putting efforts. Once you take efforts you will slowly begin to see the change happening.


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