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If there’s one problem that the retail industry often faces, it’s the limitation of reaching out to a wider range of customers. However by taking your business online, you break through the four walls and reach out to more customers. That’s exactly what Ethniqdiva that deals into Apparel and Jewelry did, they decided to curb their problems by creating a hassle free online boutique on Shopify Platform.

The objective was pretty much clear, it was to empower women community weavers, revive the traditional art and showcase the skills of women in villages. With this objective in mind, was born with a precise distinction of being an Ecommerce portal “Made by Women for the Women. It houses exclusive handloom clothing collection and terracotta handmade jewelry made by the village women. Giving an exposure to the traditional Indian weavers from across villages, they’ve used design features that support easy browsing and quick updating of products & their price list. With Shopify, it bought a seamless integration with scalable design output.

Let’s now dive deep into each feature and understand how the site has been pitched to perfection for both the brand as well as the customers:

Simplistic yet Appealing Layout of the site


The best part about the site is it’s simple layout. It enables easy browsing and quick shuffling by letting user go to and fro between different sections using the back button which otherwise takes longer & is much slower as it demands users to leave their shopping carts every time the functioning is weak.

Customized Search Feature of the website


Customization is a blessing for customers looking for exclusive varieties. That’s exactly where the Shopify’s search feature comes into the picture and helps customers in easily finding what they’ve been looking for without having to browse through an entire set of collection.


To add to it, refined searches can be made as well with the use of filter options, where users can sort and look up to the exact products they want. Incase customers want to cut down on its search options from an odd 10,000 Sarees listed, with filter option, they can do so by stating the material, color, type and range, to get a list of 500 Sarees that match the requirement. Consumer can keep narrowing the search result by adding more filters.

Latest Collection Feature


The idea here is to provide users with the latest collection of dresses available on the website; this section concentrates on updating the list with latest fashion trends currently prevailing in the market.

Product Recommendation feature


Isn’t it the best idea to give your consumers choices that they can select from? With product recommendation feature, Ethniqdiva takes away half the tension of customer having doubts for making a perfect selection. Here users can see matching product recommended with particular Saree, saving them ample of time.

“Sale” Section of the website


SALE section of the website is particularly dedicated to put items at discounted rates for the users. The users can make customized searches with the filter options given on the left side of the webpage.

Ethniqdiva Blog


Ethniqdiva boosts of its own blog featuring stories of weavers, clients, business persons belonging to different backgrounds having personal experience with the brand. The blog takes you down a thin memory of the origin of each of the weavers and how Ethniqdiva has helped them come out of typical stereotypes and made them the entrepreneurs, they are!

Responsive mobile design


Ethniqdiva stays on par with digital tech hence it provides its shopping benefits to customers who are on the go. The website’s mobile responsiveness has helped people have a check on it, in whichever and whatever devices they are. One of the distinctive feature of the website is that, there are different design layouts for desktop and mobile versions.

Ethniqdiva’s Social presence


The brand has national and international exposure and is present on major social networking platforms where users can directly interact with the brand representatives. Facebook and Twitter accounts display latest updates with regards to their exhibitions and latest collection. Instagram and Pinterest show exclusive graphical images of the products online.

Gaatakatha Website


Ethniqdiva has already emerged as an go-to destination for buying traditional clothing, jewelry and home decor items. Owing to its Indian success story, the brand came out with, an exclusive website for customers living outside India especially the US customers.

Gaatakatha allowed the brand to overcome its main hurdle of currency issue. Here, the prices are listed in Dollars with the shipping charges mentioned to give consumers a final figure they need to pay.

Customer Login and Contact information pages


Once a customer signs-up with the website, he can now login as a Member of the site that makes him eligible for easy sign-out and enjoy the member benefits.

Track Order Feature

These are the external plug-ins put on Shopify sites that help you to track your package after being shipped.

Closing note –

Staying by its true values of “Revive, Restore and Reconnect to your Roots” as a tagline, EthinqDiva has been successfully encouraging and empowering the traditional women weavers, educating girl-child and promoting the handloom industry across the country. Overall the site reflects its ethos and is truly dedicated to empower the women communities of Indian villages by reviving the Indian traditional art.

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