Five top reasons why Visual Search is getting popular

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Visual searches are gaining greater importance than ever before. Google and Pinterest image searches include visual search options. Given below are some of the factors that influence visual searches:

     1.Progression in AI: AI helps software to identify the data given to it. Today, computers are learning continuously if they find something new it starts comparing it millions of other products online to identify it. The results are too accurate to correct it.

     2.Accuracy: Artificial intelligent systems produce accurate and quick results. The new and advanced computing techniques have greatly improved the search results.

     3. Service: Many eCommerce features got wider acceptance when it was made available to the retailers. It was a good integration for their websites.

     4. Mobile Commerce: Mobile computing has helped transfer images almost anywhere across any platforms. Consumers can now upload the photo and search for the product online and buy it.

     5. Mainstream Adoption: Large retail stores now offer visual search on their mobile apps. Smaller retail outlets are following the suit. Also, Visual search vendors are now integrating with bigger E-Commerce platforms for making it easy for smaller retailers.

Most large retailers offer Visual search option in their mobile apps. The visual search vendors are making search option available to smaller retailers by integrating it into popular eCommerce platforms.


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