Google Analytics: The best tool to analyze your Audiences

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Understanding your audiences is very crucial for any business. The right approach for marketing and advertising allows brands to improve their practices and increase the loyalty of customers. The new technology innovations have led easier understanding and get a better idea of who is interacting with your brand and what they are looking for. A deep insight into this understanding helps to modify the approach and give a handsome UX satisfying their needs. Google Analytics is one of the best tools that is especially designed to help measure the diverse data for the web users. It helps to make changes in your branding and marketing strategies:

Acquisition Insights

Google Analytics is undoubtedly important if you are looking to market your products to your audiences in different formats. The acquisition section of this tool helps to see how users are interacting with your site. The overview option has a chart that helps to find users that found your site after putting the URL in the browser and those who bumped in through some external links, social media or search engine results.

The information gained will help determine which marketing strategies are really helpful. It also helps to find the type of visitors that are pouring in and why. There are several things that you can find from analytical data and according to that you can format your strategies.

Behavioral Insights

Behavior as the name suggests talks about particular behavior of the user who gets on your website. This tag will help you find information on the most visited pages of your site, the bounce rate of each of the page and the time that users are staying on your site. Summarizing all this information would give you a deeper insight into which pages of the site are most valuable and you can apply those elements to other pages of the site too.

Behavior Flow

It is one of the subsections of the main Behavior Tab; this tool helps visualize the path of average user on your site. The chart helps you see from where the users are coming to your site, where they are going and when they are dropping off. There are signs that you can notice here – if users are continually dropping off after visiting a particular page, you exactly know which page to critically examine and make changes or eliminate it completely.

General Audience Insights

The type of account that you have will allow you to enable Advertiser features, this feature is available under the “Audience” Tab. This information will give you critical insight on the type of people that are using your site rather than how they use or have found it. It is one of the best tools for marketers who are trying to understand their core demographics. Some details are given below:


It’s a very straightforward option that is simple to use and interpret. It specifically shows what audiences fall in particular demographic categories. This will help you adjust to your marketing strategies and make changes to branding needs.


Geographic indicators help you figure out information about your audiences if they are local or international users. The marketers also get information on how far the site is popular in certain states as compared to other and make adjustments accordingly.

Technology Use

The Audiences tab has several areas under it that will help you get information on how the users are accessing your website. You can see the percentage of users accessing the site through the mobile device compared to desktop devices and the most popular browsers being used. This information can be used to craft your strategy that helps you cater to larger portion of your audience.

How to you use the above Insights to better use?

Simply knowing your audience is not enough, what really matters is what you do with that information. Have a critical look at how your site is designed, how it is written and the features that are currently available for the users. Find out if the site features are optimized for target audiences and the people who are actually using the site. The areas of the site that can be improved or eliminated and what features will make your users happy. Answering some of these above questions will help you address the strategy needs for your website. The right strategy will help you for better positioning of your website and the conversion rate will improve a lot.


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