Guidelines for a perfect SEO friendly Mobile Design

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Smart Phones are one of the finer things, the new Internet mobile has got us and yes it has surely helped marketers much. SEO for Mobiles are a new in-thing that helps business focus on getting customer engagement through those tiny small screens. The average smartphone conversion rates are pretty high at 64% as compared to desktop conversions according to Formstack. This only goes on to speak volumes how mobile design and applications help in getting customer engagement.

Here are a few guidelines that will help you with SEO-friendly designs for your mobile site:

  1. Fast Page speed – People are always on the go and they shop and interact with the brand while doing thousands of other things so they need fast downloads. Make sure you compress your JavaScript and CSS to give a good loading speed for your audience. The best rule to follow is to set static resources cache lifetime once a week. Also, minimize the amount of redirects.
  2. Very minimal small pop-up window – mobile screens are already tiny, make sure to have small pop-up or no pop-up at all. The final aim is to give your users the best UX experience.
  3. Mind the size of the fingers – Your mobile applications should be designed to provide optimum user experience. The App needs to be designed for big as well as small fingers.
  4. Titles & Meta descriptions – Google officially allows the use of 78 characters for the title but better stick to earlier 70 characters to avoid any cut-off. Meta descriptions should also be kept at 130 characters or less as recommended.
  5. Simple Design – Mobile designs should be kept as simple as possible to avoid cramming the screen space. The on-page content should be kept short and focused and always have clear CTA’s for easy clickability.

People are using mobile just for everything today, it acts like a mini world of Internet. It is highly important for businesses to create informative mobile applications.


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