How do you influence your Content Campaign through consumer Micro-Moments

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The use of Mobile has increased tremendously in last one decade; people use it for Googling and Networking. According to Jerry Dischler, VP of product management at AdWords – people are constantly looking for information that answers why, what, when, where, how, etc. There are few split second moments where consumer acts on their need to pick up their smartphone to find answers. Those moments are named by Google as Micro Moments; it’s a small opportunity for a brand to show their relevant content to grab attention.

Almost, in 70 percent of mobile searches the action is taken and you definitely want consumer to take action that includes your brand. The content you create need to be easily accessible and relevant to take the best advantage of micro-moments. Given below are few of the steps that will help you do it:

  1. Research well about consumers – Research on your consumers habits, demographics and preferences that will help you know the person you are trying to attract. Think of the question the consumers will ask before buying your product, try creating the content that answers these questions then there is more likelihood for consumer to turn to your brand in those micro-moments.
  2. Anticipating micro-moments – Companies that become “Moments-Ready” see higher ROI in overall marketing investments. To be “Moments-Ready” as a brand, you need to understand when, where and why do micro-moments occur and how your brand can leverage this opportunity. This are basically the questions consumer asks before making purchase decision. These are the moments when preferences and decisions are made. You can capitalize on potential moments that a consumer may make and accordingly stay with customer across the journey.
  3. Relevance – Creating relevant content is greater than even organic SEO of the website. Almost 51% of smartphone users bought products other than they had earlier intended only because the information was useful to the users. Along with right information it is also important to make use of the right marketing channels.

The brands need to ensure that a consumer can easily digest the information and it is not misleading. Give your customers positive enlightening mobile experience.

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