How to do Customer Centric Marketing?


Today, marketing is probably much wider concept than previously regarded. The customer-centric focus is in, while the brand centric focus is out. There are several ways through which brands can actually grow revenue but they are much more effective when they are done the customer way. The average methods used to grow revenues for any ecommerce business is either by increasing your customers or increase average times each customer is buying from you or increase the order value. Lets discuss some of the easiest and cleanest way so that you can focus on customer centric marketing to develop maximum returns:

  1. Product feeds Google selling is probably one of the smartest possible ways to sell online, not to forget it’s also customer centric approach. People can view products, read reviews, compare the prices and find important information relating to purchase.sneakersThis system works way similar to pay per click campaigns; you can set it by connecting the store’s product feed to Google merchant center that feed in your AdWords accounts. It becomes easier once grouping is done for store’s products.Shoes

    Marketing on Google gives better experiences to customers for future purchases. It is easy to connect to store’s product catalog to Facebook’s business manager. Uploading the product feed for advertising keeping customer centric approach in mind helps for further purchases from the brand.

  2. Retargeting on Facebook The global research data chart below shows conversion rate from a visitor for the year 2017, the products added to the cart are just under 3%. It is to be noted that not all users whoever adds the products to the cart will complete their purchases, hence the remaining 97% didn’t make purchase so brands must target those customers to visit the sites and make a purchase.Dynamic retargeting with Facebook is a good method to promote business as it combines image of the product similar to product placed by your customers in the cart. It consists of descriptions, pricing of the product and custom copy of the same to add to it.Dynamic retargeting with Facebook is a good method to promote business as it combines image of the product similar to product placed by your customers in the cart. It consists of descriptions, pricing of the product and custom copy of the same to add to it.

    Setting dynamic Facebook retargeting is simple; create a product catalog by putting the product feed. The second step is to add events that are found in the Ads Manager for your store that will successfully pass product information corresponding to every user. Some may even require technical development code to set it.

  3. Marketing the content There are several ways to advertise products that are buyer-focused. Secondly, it is important to note that major shoppers mostly look for products on Google or search engines, they do not go by paid listings. The research by Similar Web Search report states it doesn’t come any close when paid and organic are compared altogether. The non-paid search results get 18 times higher traffic.Google is the simplest way consumers are searching for products; in fact product ranking is higher when optimized well. Content marketing is the best forms to serve your customers what they are looking for. Segmented ads are shown to them which are customized to their previous data records.Consumer would surely be attracted if they find the content copy similar to kind of what they are looking for. It especially gets more attention if it is complimented with similar image and a video. Google is the best answer for everything; look out for what your customers might be looking for. You can visit for getting results on what your customer base has to say. You will get many questions if you ask Google for things that are related to your industry.
  4. Psychographic Segmentation Psychographic data goes a step ahead of demographic data; it gives you details on consumers’ goals, emotions, hobbies and habits and also what will drive their purchase decisions.Market SegmentationPsychographic segmentation is a powerful customer-centric way to understand your customer properly and form strategies. Understanding your customers properly gives remarkably positive results in influencing them to buy your brand products.
  5. Automation in Emails Automation in marketing is a sure shot way of winning your customers, it follows processes that help to achieve business goals and expand the outreach. It helps to also provide personalized experiences to customers. The below example from inside Infusionsoft demonstrates how ecommerce business treat customers differently every time they are buying from company.AutomationEvery sequence in the above shows customers being pushed to make another purchase, a series of emails helps customers to engage with brand and know what is latest; sometimes they are also offers coupon code to get them interested in buying:Automation

    Customers can be provided incentives for making repeated purchases on the site, other than that regular emails having plain text will make customer feel important, this can make huge difference to user experience on your site.

  6. Promotion emails Emails are effective means to market your business even to existing line of customers. Customer experience is the key element to boost the business growth. Take the example of how it attracts customers with promotional emails if they are strongly focused.Promotion-emailsIn the case of some products, the products can only be marketed if brands see similar purchase behavior. The offers cannot be made to customers for dog food if they do not have a dog at home. A well written email gives list of offers that may lead to conversions ahead.
  7. Customized checkout Quick and easy checkouts are the pure means to gain customer confidence; most customers would leave the cart if they find checkout process too lengthy. We can see far noticeable changes in the checkout layouts for the top ecommerce platforms. Given below is the checkout page layout with BigCommerce:CustomizedThe best parts about such pages are this that they can be easily modified with a lot of customer focus.
  8. Chatbot Conversion Optimization Chatbots are increasingly getting popular; adding such function to a store’s website helps customers to interact with the brand. The users may have queries that they can ask and brands get opportunity to showcase their products.ChatbotChatbots are very humanly but they are automated robots doing the work of a human. Customer’s queries take them through the self-select path to find their answers. The standard query looks like the image above. This helps to improve conversion rates of the visitors on the site. Such settings have the ability to answer frequently asked questions by the customers.
  9. Attractive product descriptions A good product copy helps to sell your goods quickly without much of efforts. Brands with descriptive images and content helps to know buyer how the product can benefit them.You can put entertaining textual contents for customers so that they start loving your products and gain good benefit from using it.
  10. Real Reviews Earlier days saw many negative ratings due to genuine reviews by customers and company employees were writing major reviews for ReviewsHonest reviews are in the best interest of consumers; this helps them make right buying decisions. This will help your visitors to get genuine experiences from users of the product; this shows them that customer’s interest is the brands prime motive.
  11. Great Customer Service Customer service is one of the most prized elements when it comes to gaining your customer’s experiences. It helps you to stand out from the crowd and gets more customer engagement. A good positive experience with the brand helps customers to build a long standing relationship with the brand and become loyal customers.


    Treating customers well is a sure shot way to gain their trust and loyalty. Bigger ecommerce marketing considers varied aspects to grow their business significantly.

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