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It gets crazy when you do not get what you are looking for after working so hard dedicating your time and money. Yes, that’s what exactly we are talking about –Your Online Store!

Your online store is your little baby, your dream that is just waiting to bloom with all that nurturing. But you need some good nurturing isn’t it? You need people; you need traffic that can power your online store to give it the best nurturing you can in terms of traffic. So how do you go about it?

Here are some practical soothing tips that will magically get people on your online store and get you effective sales.

Tip Number 1

Talk to Instagram Influencers

Instagram is one of the most outstanding platforms that have surpassed all other social platforms and it has shown outrageous success in terms of promoting your Ecommerce business. The study shows that through the use of Instagram, it provides 25% more engagement as compared to any other social platforms. Instagram paves for more traffic to your store and helps to target the influencers.

The best way to start driving traffic to your store is by making use of WEBSTA, for example you are looking to start selling your fashion accessories and fabrics online. You can make a quick search online for Fashion Designers who would love to explore your products.

A quick look at their profiles will demonstrate how much followers they have, your main aim is to search for their email addresses or website name or any mode for communication.

The profile having contact details would mean they are open to three things:

  • Product Placements
  • Partnerships
  • Advertising Opportunities

Remember, not every Instagrammer having large following would like to feature products of other users. Have a look at their past activity and check if they have repeated activity, if they do then do not hesitate to reach out to them, and check if they are willing to accept some samples.

Tip Number 2

Reach out to Bloggers and Press

Blogs and press are the best means to get featured and drive traffic to your store. While you target, bloggers to cover your story, it is not necessary to opt for only biggies. As a matter of fact, you have better chances of getting featured with small and medium audiences since you are not bombarded with constant pictures. Make a Google search with relevant keywords and get links for fashion bloggers or related industrial giants, it could be fashion store, fashion houses, designers, etc.

The Google search will give a list of options, take a look at the fashion blogs that post regularly on fashion clothing, fashion accessories feature the product reviews.

YouTube equally is very much useful if you are looking for people, brands that are connected to your industry. Search with the keywords like fashion trends, fashion advice, fashion dressing, the results will show you if the creators of the video regularly post such videos of their product and reviews other products.

Just like Instagram, reach out to journalists who have written about products pertaining to your industry. Check if they are willing to accept your product samples. The next best method to get traffic to your blog is through press; target your local news site, community papers and publications specific to your industry. Log on to “Follower Wonk” to find journalists or writers that cover your industry or your area of interest.

Follower wonk allows you to search twitter profiles of the people by using keywords specific to your industry. You can find email addresses of the users in their twitter bios and send them the message. The thumb rule for any official email especially for product approach is to keep it, “short and sweet”. Your ideal focus is to tell them your unique story, differentiating yourself from others.

Tip Number 3

Posting your Store on Reddit

Reddit is one very popular platform on the whole of Internet; you can say it powers the online audience. The front page is highly known for its abundant content it has to provide to its users. You can type in the search box, words relating to your product or industry and in turn it will show you thousands of subreddits. Subreddits are available on almost any topic of your choice.

After searching for Fashion advice, you will find more subreddits in different categories. In this case, it shows Female Fashion advice. When you click on it, you will be taken to a page where you can check a lot of discussion pertaining to female fashion advice. Remember, many subreddits don’t allow promotional content.

Tip Number 4

Getting Friends and Family to share

Friends and families are the closest people to think of sharing your business profile with. Usually, people keep posting about pictures on popular social accounts. You can try to be different by posting about your business on your status update. Write personal messages to family and friends talking about your business. While you are at it, your focus should be not on selling product but getting shares. You better your chances of getting sharing success by reaching out to strangers.

Make sure that you do not keep sharing too often; this may irritate your friends. Put updates on your personal page with only one business related post per day.

Tip Number 5

Proactively engaging on Twitter

Twitter engagement is one of the fastest ways to get engagement from the users. You can get readers engagement by actively engaging the users on twitter. Given below are few of the pointers that will help you getting through a lot of sharing and people following you.


  • Follow back the users who are interested in your online store on twitter.
  • Get following with the users by using “FollowerWonk”. Log in to your Twitter account and search for relevant keywords in Twitter Bios and Profiles.
  • You can search Twitter for keywords that are related to your product offerings and check the profiles.
  • Make sure that you keep reminding your followers with your latest product offerings and check if they are interested in your product.

Tip Number 6

Write a Blog Post of people with audiences and send it to them

This is enormously effective tactics for driving traffic to your store. With your social searches, you now have the data of popular influencers, famous personalities, celebrity accounts and the bloggers having mass following. Reach out to these people particularly the bloggers. Write a blog post about them and send it on their emails or twitter account. You can mention about your product in between the blog post in a manner that it doesn’t look too intimidating. It shouldn’t at all sound like sales pitch.

The blog post would consist of either of the most popular Instagram users, bloggers, vloggers and popular twitter account holders relevant to your industry. Some ideas to write blog posts about these personalities are given below:

  • Top fashion designing blogs to follow
  • Top Twitter accounts to get updates on latest fashion design
  • Get the best Fashion advice here

Your blog posts should primarily cover about the industry that you are targeting. Here, it’s about Fashion, so describe fashion and about Designer you are planning to write a blog about. Do not try to be too intense talking about your product and business; instead try to give informative stuff to readers. If the blog personalities like your blog, they are more likely to share on their networks and you will get much bigger exposure then previously comprehended. Try following the above tips to get progressive traffic to your online store and set a new benchmark for your business dealings.

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