How to generate Leads and Sales from Content Marketing

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Most people today have misconception that Content Marketing is all about Blogging. Well we can only say, Blogging is just one little dimension towards gathering traffic to generate leads. Getting traffic is not an easy job and frankly it does require planned strategies and implementation that give core results to it. Every step in the users purchase journey requires a point that they can sell and make conversions. Organic traffic is the norm and hence many marketers are running helter-skelter to fetch that leading route. The key for Perfect Sale, Perfect Customer is PERFECT CONTENT! So how does one go about Content marketing, lets uncover ways to generate leads by marketing the perfect content:

  1. Perfect Content means Full Funnel
  2. The best key to go safe to the bottom of the sales funnel is by marketing good content. One does proceed by preparing perfect content strategy, but it relies heavily on perfect plan. The below given image exactly shows that –


    The important elements including is the idea of becoming AWARE – one should know or become aware of the problem and should know that there is a solution for it. Second step is to EVALUATE – Evaluation comes after becoming aware of the problem, deriving a solution and now evaluating with various choices available. This may also include your competitor’s solutions. Third Step is the CONVERSION process – This is the stage where the final purchase happens, the main objective here to convert the leads.

    For a user to make a purchase decision, there has to be content that is specially designed for them to satisfy their needs at every stage. The users need content at Top of the Funnel (TOFU), Content in the Middle of the Funnel (MOFU), Content at the Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) that facilitates conversion.

    the Content

    This is the content cycle that the prospect goes through in various stages of buying cycle. Lets discuss each of it in brief to get better idea of how the funnel works:

    TOFU – At this stage, the prospect is unaware of the solution you have. The content you create acts a step for them to realize what the product is and how they can benefit from the same. The content should be entertaining, educating and inspiring here. It should be readily available everywhere including blog, infographics, social media, microsites, research pages, etc.

    Most times organizations simply end their marketing efforts right at the first step of the funnel. Smart marketing actually begins at this stage of the funnel. Here is where the role of MOFU comes into picture.

    MOFU – Here the main concern for the brand is to convert “problem aware” prospects into leads. At this stage, prospect is aware of the problem and solution provided, they can be incentivized so that they can further go ahead with buying your product. Content can be created to fetch their information with the brand, where they can further be contacted for future marketing campaigns. This type of content is called as “Lead Magnet”, popular resources for the same are Educational resources, software downloads, webinars, events, surveys, quizzes, etc.

    BOFU – This is the third step of the content funnel where the prospects are converted into leads and then customers. The lead should be entertained with different content here in terms of free trial offers, demos, customer stories, webinars, mini-classes, etc. they may also be reading your blogs that is having much information about your products, information, reviews, etc. to make a final purchase.

  3. Intent-Based Content
  4. The key element to understand a perfect content marketing is to understand the intent and extract future intent for the same. It’s a way of creating content assets. To maximize the results of your content, you may need to run paid traffic. The main need here is the content optimization, whether you do it the beginning or the bottom of the content marketing funnel. Generating awareness is another important tool that helps to get traffic on the websites.

  5. Ascension focused content
  6. Content at every step of the funnel should be focused on serving to the customers. Smart marketer exactly knows this and hence articulates content based on the needs of the users. Every content created has some logical idea behind it and the final motive is to ascend out of brands own limitations and rise at the top.

  7. Segmented Content marketing
  8. When a prospect inquires about the product information, it’s a fit indication that he is interested in your product. You can now deliver insights into deeper products idea and know their viewpoints. Marketers can prepare surveys and polls that will let them collect useful information. When a prospect show interest, you can re-target them with ascension offer and take it ahead from there without acquiring their contact information.

  9. Cross-Channel Content marketing
  10. Perfect content marketing channels provide a window for shoppers to take steps towards purchasing even without their conscious thoughts. The Content should be made available to them irrespective of whatever mode of communications they are on. Share content on blogs, social accounts, YouTube videos, LinkedIn accounts, Pinterest, etc to generate awareness. Single content should be marketed on numerous channels to acquire maximum response.

Good Content plan is derived by designing and crafting content based on the needs of the customer. It is also important to keep business objectives in mind for generating leads and the sales.

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