How to send Behavioral Emails that will boost your conversions


Behavioral email marketing tactics are heavily driving the traffic on web because these are intimated triggers that are sent to consumers after carefully studying their behavior online. The study done by MarketingSherpa says that 39% of marketers feel automatic email sending is the most effective tactic to improve Email Engagement. Behavioral email strategies follows the practice of sending automated targeted emails to the contacts in your list after the user interacts with brands on multiple channels. These channels are social media networks, emailing mediums, website fill up forms and the likes. Behavioral marketing has a huge scope when it comes to reaching audiences and retargeting comes as one of the widely used marketing strategies along with email marketing and so on. Let us look at some of the methods that you can imbibe in your emails that will help boost your conversions:


This is one of the most effective methods with simple and easy steps that one can do along with display advertising campaigns. Retargeting is basically targeting the audience who have already visited your website before. It is the method that is easy to implement since all the data is available with the brand, a single code line is added and visitors are tagged. The motto is to target email subscribers, so anyone who opens your email are served ads on all platforms. This helps the brands to be in front of the user all time without spamming.

CRM Retargeting

CRM retargeting helps to send emails to users that are served with retargeted ads; in this case a user need not visit the website or open an email. The brands can simply use anonymous email list and find the users for serving them with highly relevant and targeted ads. Emails and CRM retargeting are powerful means to connect with customers and keeping your brand in front of them.

The basic points to keep in mind for best retargeting from Adwords and Facebook ads is to know who you want to target and what is the final objective. Ads that are segmented to particular line of product to specific audiences help to swiftly achieve brand’s goals. Given below are few of the examples from bigger brands.

Amazon brings in more cheer with its retargeted Facebook ads

The ads targets is customers especially last minute shoppers to avail the discount and free-shipping deals makes anyone get attracted to go for the deal.


Best Buy accommodates customer’s hesitance with wonderful display ad

The Best Buy retargeted ad is for customers abandoning the cart, reminding them that they have items in their carts. The brand goes a step forward to give its customers Price match guarantee, free pickup and free shipping offer.


Expedia gets excitement amongst last minute shoppers by retargeting with good travel deals


Behavioral Email Marketing

Behavioral marketing is a target based email marketing in which users are targeted based on their actions and status on the websites. The below examples exactly shows examples for Behavior based email marketing:

Nordstrom’s call-to-action plan

The ad provides users with a direct view to their shopping carts by clicking on “view shopping bag” button. Other option for getting immediate actions from users is by giving customers live chat support or direct contact support to resolve any doubts before they check out.


Birchbox’s email shows a clear strategy to retain their users

With the given image, it can be seen how the brand gives discounted purchase options for its users. This is meant for customer retention who initially unsubscribed from Birchbox services.


Demographic Targeting

Demographic data gives details like gender, age, education, geographical location, ethical backgrounds, etc. hence, this data helps greatly for behavioral targeting. Most users would not know how a simple visit to a webpage can track so much of data that the brands repackage and rebrand their products matching the user taste.


There are several marketing methods that brands use to target specific audience; pink has been historically used to target women while men products have stipulated conservative colors and designs.

Toyota’s ad targets eco-friendly consumers

The below image shows how Toyota promotes its environment friendly Toyota Prius, this ad especially brings more attention from people who want to help environment.

Pepsi’s women specific targeted ad

This ad pampers women with a skinny Can of Pepsi who are weight-conscious.


Up-selling and Cross-selling

These two are determined elements of marketing other products with the one that is already bought. Someone may buy a sports shoe from a sports shop and a sales representative cross-selling by asking “if you had liked to have matching socks too”. Another example of up-selling would be “A whole sports set of a sports tee, shoes and socks”. Bigger platforms like Amazon, offer its customers sneak preview about customers who not only bought specific item but what they bought with that item. Check out the below ads that targets up-sell and cross-sell:

Amazon’s offer on suggested items with current items bought


Godiva’s offering on related product items

Usually, we see websites that sell flowers and gifts offering other upselling items that includes chocolates, gift items. In this case, we can Godiva offering a Popcorn Drum.


Behavioral Marketing tactics can bring more customers on your webpage by using proper tools and guides. Create a plan and then implement those strategies to see customer response.

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