IAB research on Smartphone User Behavior

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The use of smartphone has phenomenally increased especially with mobile media coming into picture. Audiences rely on their wireless devices to get information such as news, entertainment and other media information. IAB’s study on smartphone use when the people noticed ads on mobile web or apps saw some common traits. The most common responses from people were: remembering the brand interaction, visit the brand website and alike. This result demonstrates a shift compared to 2012 study by ad firm Azullo on UK smartphone users according to CNET. The study elaborated that only 21% of respondents could recall the ads seen in the past 6 months. Of this 21%, only 14% stated that it urged them to buy the product after seeing the product display ad.

Here are some of the Insights from IAB research and study for Smartphone User behavior:

  1. Smartphone is an effective marketing medium. Around 2/3rd of entire smartphone users use their mobiles every 30 minutes and 22% tap on mobiles every five minutes.
  2. Almost 90% of smartphone users recall the mobile ads in first few days of the ads shown and 86% recall ads seen on mobile apps. Almost half of users took some action after seeing an online ad.
  3. Around 9 out of 10 users, use mobiles for surfing on Internet and 84% use for apps. The survey was done in 18 countries.

Ad recalls have improved since marketers are giving better ad experiences to the users of the smartphone. There has been good improvement in the loading speed for ads that improves the quality of the ads on mobile web and mobile apps. IAB’s findings are quite encouraging since the ad blocking is on rise and many users relate it to poor execution and intrusive experiences. This has pressured marketers to improve the quality.

In spite of cultural and regional differences, Smartphone users globally show similarity of user behavior. The mobile web is generally used for buying or booking services. People use it to access information for school, travel or work. Mobile apps are the most favored when it comes to being entertained while on the go, video content, music, gaming and movies keep people engaged on their devices. Mobile apps are important for communication purposes that include messaging, email, networking, voice and video calling, etc.

Consumers are looking for improved mobile web experiences as mobiles have become an important entity of our daily life. Marketers should be careful when executing any strategy solely based on the survey since surveys are not fail proof and it doesn’t represent the massive population.


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