Measuring Offline Sales in Google Analytics

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We are well aware of how most smart shoppers shop online. What they do is start searching for their product online and then contact the merchant site directly place the value. This especially happens with high product value goods. The main challenge here is to find how the customer found the merchant details.

Very often we see the traffic to the site comes from pay-per-click campaigns through Google ads and sometimes with Bing. These are the most popular common ways through which businesses gets their conversions. Some products fetch high cost-per-click while some give less ROI by simply reporting the online sales.

Keeping track of Offline Sales in Google Analytics

Studying and analyzing Google Analytics is no game; it requires a little technical expertise to get a right evaluation. One can develop a call tracking using the Client ID to capture and track offline transaction uploads through Google Analytics Measurement protocol. Given below are few of the steps that help you make this work:

  1. Get Google Analytics Client ID that shows on your site.
  2. Displaying the client ID on the site.
  3. Collect the information from the caller like his Client ID, payment method that will be helpful in tracking in Google Analytics later.
  4. Sending a hit to Google Analytics measurement protocol having Ecommerce information and Client ID.

Another great option is call-tracking vendor. There are other similar options available, you have to make sure that the solutions helps you to report and not just show sales in Analytics and also find the source of the sales.


The 6 Digit visitor ID helps to enable call tracking, when visitor calls, the operator can make use of the ID. The ID is stored and sent to Google Analytics with sale.

Easy Call

The above report in Google Analytics shows the sales that happened through telephone after visitor IDs were uploaded through Google Analytics Measurement Protocol.

Tracking orders from emails are similar to tracking orders from phone, store the client ID and include it in the payload. Hence, concluding that tracking offline sales is possible. Analytics have been developed keeping business objectives mind. Amazon do not support the purchases through phones or emails, these are good opportunities for niche merchants, measuring of ROI is important.

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