Mobile devices: That’s where your consumers are looking for you

Heads-up statistics: By 2020, the number of smart mobile devices on the planet will increase by a 100%. Nearly, 48% of global retail trade will happen through use of these devices. And this will bring down the business’s operating cost by almost 27%.

E-commerce is a growing. And the global market is slowly becoming local. Expanse in the usage of mobile devices has brought world closer. With so much potential available through the increased adoption and use of these devices, the best approach will be to integrate a strong mobile marketing strategy into your conventional marketing campaigns.

The focus should be to create specific and dynamic customer profiles with individual analytics providing real-time alerts to the customer relationship teams. The available statistics should highlight trends coming from your most consistent customers.

Going forward, e-marketers will need to ensure their campaign messages are well timed and relevant for customers in the mood to shop. Most mid-to-large scale e-retailers are starting to notice visitors from mobiles devices. On your next visit, they already know you even before beginning to transact, even though as a customer you are not making specific efforts to get noticed.

Remember, if you are an e-commerce business, looking to ramp up their digital presence and beat out their competition, knowing the trends sooner is always better. In fact, it’s how you project your company as the industry’s frontrunner, makes the difference. Ideal course of action would be to use analytics to get a head start.

On the technical side, the truth is integrating a mobile platform portal into your ecommerce sales and marketing strategy isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Even a mid-scale or entry level e-commerce businesses can sell like the big boys.

Surveys conducted by industry expert show that e-commerce businesses, have to optimize their websites for mobile compatibility. And being compatible isn’t enough, now it is imperative for businesses to have a mobile app version.

Mobile apps are growing in popularity. Going forward, these will be the best way a business can keep existing and potential clients interested in their brand. If a brand does not have a mobile app, chances are, they are losing out on potential selling opportunities.

The take-away lies in the potential opportunity here. If you plan to reach out to a prospective customer outside of working hours, you would have to give them something highly responsive, one that simulates an in-store experience. The kind that exemplifies specific set of events and drive people online; regularly and repetitively. Thus, elucidating evidences that strongly suggest a case for using mobile over conventional buying.

What potential there is then as mobile moves from being an interesting niche, to a fully mainstream in the way that brands are experienced and product purchase decisions made. Both marketers and visitors can only gain if a more strategic and joined up approach is taken to mobile marketing.

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