Re-branding of your ecommerce on your mind!!! Ask you existing customers, How?

Get the basics right… that too pronto… no deviating from that…unless you want your investors to walk over you dead. Do whatever is in within your reach, to explore answers to following 7 questions.

  1. What’s the mission statement of your ecommerce business?
  2. What are the key problems that your product/service addresses?
  3. How does your existing clientele react to your product/services?
  4. How is the response of potential clients?
  5. What expectation standards do you want to set for your products/services?
  6. What percentages of your existing customers have referred new faces to your business?
  7. What percentages of your existing customers have continued to avail your business in recession as well?

As obvious, the answers to the last two questions predict the current credibility of your business. Treat them as a cherished asset. That’s what you will need as a foundation to build upon. It’s even better if you’re able to promote these messages on your store. Statistics speak very loud and people love numbers more than anything.

Since you already have a name in the market, fiddling with in under the hush-hush cloud of re-branding isn’t a good idea. So, play around with the imagery. Get a recognizable logo, preferably in color, something that speaks a great deal about your business’s core function and your underlying ideology.

As the second step, integrate your brand into every social media platform you use. Be consistent with profile picture on them. Ensure you set the welcome tone right. It should highlight a story, a philosophy, a unique aspect or goal of your business.

Go back to your valued customers; they are the best brains to pick upon. Ask them, “What they think of your brand as compared to others?” Ask them, “What made them loyal to your brand? What suggested them to shift to you?”

These are your learning avenues. This is where is you get to build your customer’s know-how. Remember, whatever your clients have taught you, is in order to create a lasting high value asset, the importance of which, is infinitely amplified.

Now let’s list down the key 4 points you should focus upon:

  1. Unique Selling Proposition: This is what makes your store or products different and better) than your competitors. Emphasise on them throughout your marketing to show customers why they should choose your brand over all others.
  2. Maintain Quality: Customers mostly remain loyal to a brand because they get the same reliable quality each time they order. Stick to it. A degraded performance is a red flag for customers to walk-away.
  3. Go Personalized: People love attention and feel elated when you recognize them as individuals and not as generic customers. Personalise your customer’s online experience down to the package and you’re going to stand out in a great way. It makes a significant difference.
  4. Show Customers Gratitude: Loyal customers are your unpaid promoters. They spread goodwill about your brand through social media and word-of-mouth marketing. Build upon a referral and loyalty program for your regular customers. Figure out what works best for your store and you’ll be glad you did.

On a closing note, remember that, for any business, branding doesn’t mean just a nice logo or a fancy name; its value is more intrinsic; something that cannot be seen, but is meant to be felt.

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