Shopify Introduces Own Domain Checkouts

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For a very long time online retailers have been vouching to have their own domain names during checkout processes. It’s after all a matter of pride for e-marketers and even for customers to feel the sense of security and credibility for the brand. With the latest Shopify update, shoppers will no longer be directed to “” to complete their purchases. Retailers and web users can now experience the entire shopping experience having brand’s domain in the address bar for the pages ranging from homepage to checkout pages.

Shopify’s own domain checkout will bring in more confidence amongst the buyers to buy again from the brand. Shopify also provides free SSL certificates to merchants for all checkouts. With the new implementation, changes will be activated automatically and no separate setup shall be required. Checkouts are one of the most significant parts of entire customer’s buying journey.

There are number of questions that crosses a merchants mind when it relates to new Shopify checkout update, let us discuss in brief some of the doubts:

Not having a Custom Domain

Having a Custom Domain marks an important milestone for any business; it signs the fact that it’s an established business having its own identity. However, one does not have to heavily rely on having its own custom domain to get benefits of having domain name as a checkout option on Shopify platform.

By default, all Shopify stores get their domains signed with which is free of charge. The brand’s domain will be displayed across entire customer journey and the pages customers visit along with trusted Shopify brand name.

Having a Shopify Plus

Shopify update will automatically make changes in all Shopify accounts, if you are using Shopify Plus you get an added benefit of free Extended Verification SSL certificate. SSL certificates are trusted authentic certification given by Shopify that assures customers that their information is safe and secured and completely protected.


Editing the Look of Checkout page

As discussed, checkouts are important from consumer as well as brand’s perspective. Checkout pages pass through a sleuth of tests – they are tested, secured and optimized by experts to give best shopping experience to its customers on Internet. The data project teams are always looking for methods to give a better customer experience and improve checkout processes.

Advancement in customization requires an expert team to handle and manage overall functioning, Codes that are used for checkout pages make use of Shopify Scripts to get the best output.

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