The growing Indian E-Commerce Market is Rising

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E-commerce has seen a lot of developments in the last one-decade and it is one of fastest. India with its unique demography sets a fertile potential land for e-Commerce growth. Bigger players like Amazon and Alibaba have penetrated Indian markets making the local companies on the defensive. Amazon has overtaken entire America’s market share and also major European markets. According to Alibaba, China is one of the biggest E-Commerce markets in the world. The fastest Ecommerce market is up for grabs and the players are just waiting to fight the battle. Flipkart is doing much well to take on the market share but has been facing pressure from the bigger two giants. India is actually creating bigger opportunities for the e-Commerce giant that helps in accelerating the growth and their influence.

Compound growth

India’s Internet Users

India has great potential even though e-Commerce market looks currently small. It’s only 1% of the total world’s e-commerce spending. It has comparatively low Internet users compared to Internet global population. Only 34% of India’s population is online compared to US, which has 90% of population using Internet. China has 52% of its population using Internet. It isn’t the bad thing, it’s a positive trend and India’s Internet numbers are growing steadily and there is huge potential in the waiting. India is growing in terms of Internet use. The percentage of Internet users has gone up from 7.5% to 34% from 2010 to 2016. The rate at which it is growing is much faster than China having grown 17% and 14% in the same time period. The studies show that India is moving faster and will keep growing.

India’s e-Commerce market growth is at number one position. The growth will continue as is expected. The salaries of average Indian has increased, this allows for more spending. India’s Internet use is growing at astounding rate.


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