The Latest Trends in Data Analytics

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The latest Data Analytics trends have bought new challenges along with newer technologies. However, the new challenges have also bought newer trends to help overcome them. Given below are some of the latest Data Analytics Trends running at the forefront:

  1. Unstructured Data – Unstructured Data includes PowerPoint presentations, videos, social media, RSS, company records, content, documents, texts and more which are very important for businesses to understand. Unstructured is not a relational database while structured data analytics showcase the current trend. Most IT professionals today are making structured data initiatives as high priority for their companies.
  2. Embedded Analytics – It is defined as one of the fastest growing areas of Business Intelligence (BI). Today, most IT teams are using embedded analytics that enables the end users to utilize higher quality data to improve their standard of governance.
  3. Behavioral Analytics – the digital world is growing and it is expected that US companies will spend as much as $77.37 billion on digital ads. The behavioral analytics helps predict the personality of audiences. It gives clear opportunity to target advertising and segment the audience.
  4. Prescriptive Analytics – According to Gartner, the markets are set to grow to $1.1 billion by the year 2019. Prescriptive Analytics use the insights from predictive analytics; it analyzes the current market trends and patterns and evaluates the outcome.

The Data Analytics has highly become important for enterprises to get the best results from marketing plans and strategies for overall marketing success. Based on the data collected, further strategies and plans can be planned for best business development.


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