The PESO model has entirely changed the way E-Commerce marketing was ever done!

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With the digital world stepping in, the E-commerce businesses have gained a great impetus. The digital marketing era has bought many tools that could help organizations to be digitally advanced. The options are boundless and the whole organizing framework could be summed up as a PESO Model. It stands for Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned Media.

Paid Media

In the Paid Media, the company creates the promotional content, which is distributed by a third party. The third party could be an entity who has its own audiences to promote your content. In the E-Commerce arena, Pay Per Click advertising is one of the most common forms of Paid media.

Earned Media

Earned Media is the content that others created for you or your business and distributed it. Earned media is earned and not paid for. It happens by the means of word of mouth, the reviews submitted by customers and appreciation post on social media about your store.

Shared Media

Shared Media is a very common form of media that is used by businesses and customers both alike. When you post the content that is created by your business, for the audiences that your business developed, through a platform that somebody else created is termed as Shared Media. The platform that you shared your contents on is completely controlled by a third party vendor.

Owned Media

Owned Media is a Media that is completely owned by the company itself. The business has full control over the media that is created, posted and executed. The blogging posts are one of the most common forms of Owned Media.

The PESO model works around organizing the created content, developing the audience and controlling the distribution aspect. After understanding the functions of each of these mediums, the Marketing Campaign can be created. There are numerous ways in which E-Commerce Business may use PESO model that supports single marketing campaign.


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