Voice Commerce sees wider acceptance

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Voice Commerce is slowly changing the face of entire Ecommerce and the way household machines ever interacted with humans. Voice enabled devices recognize what customers is speaking and enhance the overall user experience.

Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit is a set of self-service APIs and consists of tools that make it easier for creating voice driven capabilities. Although there are varied pros and cons of voice activated transactions, the voice commerce has drastically grown. Brands are adopting the voice-based assistants like Amazon Alexa, Samsung Bixby and Apple Siri.

Experian is a global data provider reported in 2016 that 45 percent of Amazon Echo owners use voice for adding product to the shopping cart. 32 percent people have purchased from Amazon Prime. Google has made much progress on this front by adding shopping abilities to Google Home Device. It has enabled people to order and purchase the goods through voice command with Google Express retail partners such as Target, Costco and PetSmart.

Voice Commerce is Omni-Present

Alexa powered devices are common, at the recent Consumer Electronics show; LG featured a smart refrigerator that used Alexa for ordering the food items. The car makers Ford and Volkswagen integrated Alexa in their cars enabling people to shop while driving the car. Dish added Alexa in its consoles for consumers to use voice to change the TV channels, search the shows and also shop from their favorite online portal.

With the success of Alexa, Amazon has started offering Alexa as a service. Alexa Voice Service is an API having a collection of self-service APIs and different tools that makes it easier to create voice driven capabilities for Alexa.

The Alexa Skills app store has 100 applications that extend its basic features being offered by Amazon Echo Device. A popular service called StubHub allows the users to ask for the events nearby and purchase the tickets for events using Alexa.

Apple’s Siri is an API launched under the name Viv, it acquired from Samsung in 2016 and it works with multiple vendors to integrate voice search in their devices. Amazon added camera to its Amazon Echo and it launched it with the name Echo Look. It helps individuals take the selfies and talk with someone for a second opinion. Alexa uses Artificial Intelligence and Style Check is a new service launched that offers wardrobe suggestions. It is connected with Amazon so shopping for a new outfit requires just one command.

The voice commerce success has built-up more APIs for easy transition. It is going to get more popular in the coming years with major retail giants using the voice.

Small and medium sized retailers

Voice commerce is a good investment that will help generate the sales. The customers who are already using Voice based assistants at home know how useful it is and worth the money invested. The search option in a voice based devices will significantly improve the shopping experience. Amazon Echo is a highly used device in the voice commerce arena. Purchases are made for buying entertainment and household items. Retailers offering big entertainments products should consider voice commerce.

The traditional retail stores make use of voice searches helping the shoppers to find items and also learn about promotions. Conversational Commerce enables transactions through instant messaging using tools and Chatbots.

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