Voice Shopping – Remarkably growing at rapid pace


A recent report by Walker Sands Communications, marketing and communications firm suggests that over 20% of consumers do online shopping through voice commands. A little higher percentile like about 33% say they have planned to buy something through voice assistant. Voice controlled devices although at very primitive stages are fast catching up in digital world. Voice controlled assistant such as Amazon’s Echo have become an important sales channel for online shoppers.

The survey by Walker Sands of 1,622 U.S. consumers have found that one in five consumers have purchased online using Echo or similar device in last one year. With this, it also conducted research that stated 24% consumers who were surveyed said they already own voice controlled devices and 20% have plans to buy in next one year.


This gives us the analysis that Voice-controlled devices have long way to reach yet till the time they penetrate the Smartphone and tablets usage. Voice operated devices although popular play a very small margin compared to whole lot of people streaming content through televisions, home automation devices that helps in remote operating of lights, security systems and thermostats from internet-connected devices.


Voice controlled devices are not widely used hence it will take time to overcome consumer’s apprehensions so it may slow down the overall growth of voice-controlled devices as an Ecommerce channel. The survey by Walker Sands says many people they surveyed showed concerns in using voice control devices online. 38% of respondents were concerned of security, 33% were concerned for privacy and 31% were concerned about lack of visuals.

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