Why Mobile friendly websites are need of an hour

Well, we almost know how the whole Internet bandwagon is heavily relying on Mobile phones. Today, there is no area left where mobile devices are not covered. The earlier research stated that over 5 billion people shall be using mobile devices by year 2017 and we are already in the year so we know the amount of active connections already on. People are using mobile devices while on-the-go, they order food online, shop online, do transactions online. Mobiles are slowly replacing desktop versions since it is more adaptable and people find everything they want in a computer in a smartphone device.

The past four years have seen steady rise in the use of mobile phones growing to nearly 400%, amongst these 20% of users are in the age group of 18-34 years spending online time. The 2012 research stated that 61% mobile users will bounce off the site if they have no good experience browsing site on a mobile. Mobile websites are designed and developed with the sole aim of providing great user experience. Smartphones itself are preferred because they are highly adaptable and can be carried anywhere. Other than just calling and texting, smartphones have reached epitome of all things that are Internet.

Here are some smart reasons why you should get your Mobile Friendly website today:

  1. Mobiles influences Customer Buying Decisions
  2. Mobiles have carved itself a niche that of a device that can readily perform whatever tasks we command it to do. Eventually, it’s about communication. You communicate with your mobile device to start performing some tasks, may it be shopping or social networking or browsing the sites. The Internet trend reports that mobiles are increasingly driving the web access use by consumers.

    The adoption of smartphone has become very rapid and it has increasingly led to more users taking every online decision with the use of mobiles.

  3. Mobiles boosts Paid Advertising results
  4. Google have already declared way back in 2015 about how it shall give more importance to mobile-friendly website designs. The “Mobilegeddon” update states that and shall give more importance to organic searches. A mobile optimized website will also help in paid search advertising. The quality score laid by Google on your site considers the performance of your search advertising’s landing pages. If your ad searches lands on a non-optimized mobile web than it could negatively impact the overall ad campaign.

    A mobile optimized website helps to give organic search results and lowers the website bounce rates. It overall gives relevant results attracting real traffic.

  5. Mobiles help to initiate local search
  6. As more and more people are making use of the mobile devices, the growth has seriously been stupendous one. The statistics gives a clear picture of the increase in the use of mobile devices and it helps for making local searches too. More than half of the Internet searches are made on mobile devices, the nearby searches is about 80% that happen through mobile devices.

    Mobile users are actively engaging themselves on mobiles and are using the power of Internet on their mobile phones to search local business information. Brands are increasingly engaging customers through mobiles since more users are turning to brand apps for any queries or shopping. Search engines are looking to give best customer experience to the users hence search engines are favoring mobile friendly site for enhanced customer experience giving a seamless feel.

For brands, it is a good option to invest in a mobile website that tremendously improves its search results and increases the traffic on the website. Mobile-responsive websites bring higher conversions since they are optimized and are made available to users. Mobile sites they have lower bounce rates.

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